That Fearful Day That Day Of Dread

That fearful Day, that Day of dread,
When Thou shalt judge the quick and dead;
O God! I shudder to foresee
The awful things which then shall be!

When Thou shalt come, Thy angels round,
With legions, and with trumpet sound;
O Saviour, grant me in the air
With all Thy saints to meet Thee there!

Weep, O my soul, ere that great Day,
When God shall shine in plain array;
O weep thy sin, that thou mayst be
In that severest judgment free!

O Christ, forgive, remit, protect,
And set Thy servant with the elect;
That I may hear the voice that calls
The righteous to Thy heavenly halls!

Sit not in judgment on each deed,
Nor each intent in strictness read;
Forgive, accept, and save me the,
O Thou who lovest the souls of men!