That Man Is Blest Who Fears The Lord


That man is blessed, who fears the Lord,
And in his law takes great delight.
His seed, on earth, shall mighty be;
Blessed shall the race be of the upright.
His house, with plenty, shall abound;
His justice no decays shall find.

His light, in darkness, shall arise;
He’s just, compassionate, and kind.
A good man favor shows, and lends;
And his affairs, with prudence, guides.
Surely, he never shall be moved;
Forever sweet his name abides.
Fearless, he evil tidings hears;
His heart is fixed, on God relies.
Secured from fear, he waits to see,
Just vengeance, on his enemies.

His liberal hand dispersed his alms,
And gave the poor a meet supply;
His justice ever shall be praised,
His horn, in glory, raised on high.
The wicked this shall see, and grieve,
Gnash with his teeth, and melt away;
While their unjust:, and base designs,
Blasted, shall utterly decay.

A New Version of the Psalms of David,