That Name To Me Sounds Ever Sweet

That name to me sounds ever sweet,
Where grace and truth doth always meet,
Where righteousness doth peace embrace,
And opens wide a store of grace.

A meeting place it is indeed,
Where mercy meets the sinner’s need,
And opens wide a gracious store,
Sufficient to relieve the poor.

Hark! don’t you hear the heavenly call,
It soundeth loud, it is to all–
To high and low, to bond and free,
That none may say,”’tis not for me.”

“Ho! every one that thirsts (he cries)
Here’s wine and milk, and large supplies;
Come now to me and drink your fill,
‘Tis free for whosoever will.

“Come now receive, I ask no pay,
But freely give it all away,
To all that do my word believe,
And freely now my grace receive.”

Divine Hymns, or Spiritual Songs: for the use of religious assemblies and private Christians