That Steward Accused By His Lord

That steward accus’d to his Lord,
Soon heard that solemn fatal word;
Come quickly give account to me:
Thou can’st no longer steward be.

Shew thy account and state thy case:
Thou shalt no longer keep that place–
My goods, to thee I can’t intrust,
Since I do hear thou art unjust.

On earth as stewards we are plac’d,
Not to neglect, destroy, or waste;
The gifts and graces God doth give,
But to improve them while we live.

Before the Lord we must appear,
To answer for our steward-ships here;
We must account to God alone,
For all that we on earth have done.

Then let us seek and strive to know,
And humbly ask what we shall do;
To fit us for the time to come
When we must seek another home.

The text directs you very plain,
How to this home you may attain;
Pray notice well and understand
The great Jehovah’s just command.

If you have riches less or more,
And there with help, the helpless poor–
Then may you ever hope to speed,
And find a home when you shall need.