That We Our Will To Him Might Yield

That we our will to Him might yield,
These Ten Commandments God revealed
When He to Israel drew nigh
Thro’ Moses on Mount Sinai.

I am the Lord thy God alone,
Thou shalt no gods beside Me own,
But only love and trust in Me,
That I in truth thy Lord may be.

Take not My holy name in vain,
Nor yet My honor e’er profane;
Do thou exalt in word and thought
What I Myself have said and wrought.

Do thou the Sabbath day keep blest,
With all thy house enjoying rest;
From earthly cares thy soul keep free,
That I may have My work in thee.

Thy parents honor, serve and love
As treasures sent thee from above;
Stand by them when their strength shall wane,
That length of days may be thy gain.

Do thou abstain from hate and strife,
Lest thou shouldst take thy neighbor’s life;
Be meek and patient, love thy foe
And naught but good on him bestow.

Be ever faithful to thy spouse
And do not break thy marriage vows;
Subject thy life to discipline,
Thus keeping chaste and pure within.

Thy neighbor’s goods thou shalt not steal,
Nor be thou deaf to his appeal,
But open thou both heart and hand
To help the needy in the land.

Let not thy lips false witness bear,
Nor anyone’s good name impair;
Defend thy neighbor’s honor well,
And help all ill reports to quell.

Nor covet thou thy neighbor’s wife,
His house, nor aught he owns in life;
But wish that his in truth may be
The good thy heart would wish for thee.

These precepts, as we look within,
Reveal to us our grievous sin,
And here the Lord doth truly show
How man should live while here below.

May Jesus Christ, our gracious Lord,
To us poor sinners help afford;
He is our Mediator true,
Without Whose help we naught can do.