The Army Of The Cross Advances

The army of the Cross advances clad in armor bright,
The spirit’s sword unsheathed for battle, flashes in the light;
The hosts of sin cannot withstand the pow’r of God displayed,
Then forward! March to meet the foe, nor ever be dismayed.

Then with our banner flying, singing as we go,
Trusting Jesus boldly meet the foe,
Then forward! March! March! Victory is night,
We’ll trust in God and persevere, we’ll conquer by and by.

The army of the Cross is trusting in the Lord of hosts,
The God of battles stronger is than Satan’s idle boasts,
His promise to be with us will sustain us in the fray,
So trust in God and struggle on, the right will win the day. [Refrain]

The army of the Cross triumphant in the end shall be,
A crown to wear and palms to bear, with songs of victory;
The gates of Zion enter at the Saviour’s feet to lay,
The trophies of the battles fought, when right has won the day. [Refrain]