The Awakening

The morning breaks, ’tis bright and clear,
The shadows of the night are flying swift away;
A stirring cry salutes the ear:
Jesus is coming soon.

The song of jubilee,
It sweeps o’er land and sea;
With thousand voices strong
The chorus speeds along—
One word of hope and cheer:
The kingdom now is near,
Jesus is coming soon,
Jesus is coming soon!

By form and creed are millions bound,
But God hath sent the Word to loose the iron band—
Deliv’rance dawns with this glad sound:
Jesus is coming soon.

Salvation nears—the saints arise,
And from the sleep of death the slumb’ring nations wake;
We too shall mount the starry skies.
Jesus is coming soon.

Our glorious King is coming soon—
It may be darkest night, it may be morn or noon;
In glory then His saints will reign.
Jesus is coming soon.

Awake, ye nations, from the dead,
With everlasting joy let praise your tongues employ;
By this sweet hope be comforted;
Jesus is coming soon.

All praise and glory to His Name!
The King of kings is He, earth’s Sov’reign yet to be;
Let all the saints aloud proclaim,
Jesus is coming soon.