The Children Are Gathering From Near And

The soldiers are gath’ring from near and from far,
The trumpets are sounding their call to the way,
And this is our slogan, wherever we are:-
“The world, all the world for Jesus!”

Our Captain is calling, is calling to arms,
Our Captain is calling;
Our aid we will lend him,
Our swords shall defend him;
We’ll follow his banner with shouts and hosannas;
We’ll sweep on victorious,
We’ll conquer all glorious,
And take all the world, and take all the world,
And take all the world for Jesus.

God’s army is massing along the frontier;
Each soldier in battle a brave volunteer;
We’re charging the foe without shadow of fear,
To take all the world for Jesus! [Chorus]

We’re marching along with a conquering host,
To follow our Jesus, our glory, our boast;
Determined to win or to die at our post;
The world, all the world for Jesus! [Chorus]