The Children Of Earth Are The Light Of O

The children of earth are the light of our eyes,
We cheer them with all that our love can devise;
We pray that in growing,
Their thoughts may be going
To the Father that dwells in the skies.

We’re growing,
We’re growing,
For Jesus we’re growing,
The seed we are sowing,
We’re growing,
We’re growing,
For Jesus who dwells in the skies.

The children of darkness may boast of their might,
But thanks be to God, we are children of light;
The prodigal craven,
May reach the fair haven,
If repentant he turns to the right. [Refrain]

Our Saviour in heaven delights not in scorn,
His features are gentle and bright as the morn;
Our life is His treasure,
Our love is His pleasure,
And He weeps for the child from Him torn. [Refrain]