The Christian Church Should Well Partake

The Christian Church should well partake
The parable, the Saviour spake,
To shew the Jews their wretched state,
And what would shortly be their fate.

Such fig-trees, which in Vineyards grow,
And carefully attended to;
Ought in due time their fruit to yield,
Like stores of corn from a good field.

Such was the Jewish nations case,
Whilst they had all the means of grace!
Like as a fig-tree on good ground,
So did God’s grace to them abound.

But when their fruits were truly sought
And their works proven which they wrought,
All was corrupted, base and mean;
Their best devotions were but sin.

And as the master gave command,
Let not that barron fig-tree stand;
His orders were to cut it down,
Why should it cumber so much ground?