The Christian Sufferings Here Below

The christian suff’rings here below,
Do not deserve to be compar’d!
Unto the joys God will bestow,
To those who trust unto his word.

On this sure promise they may build!
They never need to doubt or fear–
Such glories are in them reveal’d,
Which will repay their suff’rings here.

Happy will be the time indeed,
For which the whole creation wait;
When ev’ry creature shall be freed
From their oppress’d and mournful state.

In Adam’s fall the whole was made,
Subject to vanity and sin–
the curse on all the earth was laid,
And all that is contain’d therein.

All creatures may be said to groan,
And travel in distress and pain;
All living creatures, Sun and Moon,
They feel the curse of guilt and stain.

But when the blessed sons of God
In all their glory come to view;
When heav’n and earth shall be renew’d,
All creatures are redeemed too.