The Christians Hope O How It Cheers

The Christian’s hope, O how it cheers,
While passing thro’ this vale of tears;
It spans the dread unknown between
This land and that fair land unseen,
Where, face to face, the King I’ll see,
And spend with Him, eternity.

Eternity! (A long eternity!)
Eternity! (A blest eternity!)
O Savior mine,
What will it be? (What will it be?)
From earthly care and sorrow free,
To spend with Thee eternity!

It whispers of unfailing joy,
Eternal bliss without alloy;
Of tears forever wiped away,
No night, but one unclouded day;
Of rest beside life’s crystal sea
Thro’out thy years, eternity. [Chorus]

It whispers of a land on high
Where nevermore we’ll say “Good-bye,”
Where those we’ve loved and lost have gone,
And thitherward us beckon on.
Where reunited we shall be,
Thro’out a long eternity. [Chorus]

What tho’ I cannot understand
The way for me my Lord hath planned?
What tho’ the cares of earth may throng,
The waiting times seem hard and long?
Hope then shall full fruition be
Thro’out thy years, eternity. [Chorus]