The Christmas Stars Are Shining

The Christmas stars are shining,
The winds are wailing low;
And o’er the earth is echoing
The song of long ago;
From mountain over valley,
Is heard the glorious cry,
“O comfort ye My people,
The Prince of Peace draws nigh.”

Sing of the Christ Child’s coming,
In lowliest estate;
When long time kings and prophets
With eager hearts did wait.
Where’er His footsteps linger
Shall blossom forth the rose;
And peace shall be abounding,
Where’er His Spirit goes.

O Babe in humble manger,
Amongst the poor of earth,
See kings bring gold and incense
To offer at Thy birth;
The host of Heav’n triumphant,
A glorious strain did sing,
“Peace and good will for ever
Through Christ, the newborn King.”

Awake, awake, O Zion,
And put on all thy strength;
Filled is the throne of David,
Thy king hath come at length.
His star hath shone in Heaven,
And angels at His birth,
Have brought the fair evangel,
“Peace and good will on earth.”