The Church Is Our Safe Haven

The church is our safe haven,
a refuge in the storm,
where we can come when troubles
have left our hearts forlorn
and find a gracious welcome,
compassion, love, and care,
among your people gathered
for story, song, and prayer.

Since they, too, have known winters
of doubt, despair, and fear,
they warm us with their friendship
and fill us with good cheer,
their presence like a candle
that gives off heat and light
to save a stranded traveler
lost on a snowy night.

God, in their understanding,
we feel your kind embrace,
and sense the joy and wonder
of your transforming grace,
a grace that makes us holy,
a people set apart
to travel on love’s highway
with mind and strength and heart.

Protected by this mantle
of love that we have known,
we face life’s new adventures
no longer lost or lone.
Though storms of life may threaten,
and cold winds chill our soul,
we journey on with courage,
our spirits now made whole.

God of the fiery pillar.
and Pentecost’s bright flame,
the love of Christ still glowing
in those who bear his name,
forge us as loyal servants,
his faithful friends always.
Fill us with glad thanksgiving
and everlasting praise.