The Church Of Christ Which

The church of Christ, which he has hallowed here
to be his house, is scattered far and near
in north, and south, and east, and west abroad;
and yet in earth and heav’n, thro’ Christ, her Lord,
the church is one.

One member may not know another here,
and yet their fellowship is true and near;
one is their Savior, and their Father one;
one Spirit rules them, and among them none
lives to one’s self.

They live to him who bought them with his blood,
baptized them with his Spirit, pure and good;
and in true faith and ever burning love,
their hearts and hopes ascend to seek above
th’eternal good.

O Spirt of the Lord, all life is yours;
now on your church your pow’r and strength out-pour,
that many children may be born to you
and through your knowledge may be brought anew
to sing Christ’s praise.