The Church Of God Believes It Right

The Church of God believes it right,
To think and do as Jesus bade,
When on that dark and doleful night
He gave His law, and plainly said:-

Mark the example which I give:
Keep it, and show your mutual love
My precepts do, and you shall live,
In bliss below, and heaven above.

Then, do we love our brethren now?
And are we bound in union sweet?
If so, like Jesus, let us bow,
And let us wash each other’s feet.

Let no one be ashamed of this,-
Or, Peter-like, turn, and say, no;
But as we aim for heav’nly bliss,
We’ll in our Master’s footsteps go.

Now, Lord, we’ll wash Thy people’s feet,
And here enjoy their fond embrace;
Each with a kiss of friendship greet;
And hope in love to see thy face.

And then we’ll feast on heav’nly love,
And find our joys to be complete:
Yes, then we’ll sing thy praise above,
And bow, with angels, at thy feet,