The Clarion Call To Service Is Ringing

The clarion call to service,
Is ringing far and near,
And fields all white to harvest,
On right and left appear;
Colaborers with Christ are we,
To bring the glorious victory.

Thy kingdom come,
Thy will be done,
In ev’ry land beneath the sun;
With eager hearts today
We Thy children plead and pray,
O Lord, Thy kingdom come.

For open doors not longer
Thy children need to pray,
But grace and strength to follow,
Where Jesus leads the way;
For open doors on ev’ry hand,
Invite us to possess the land. [Refrain]

We’re looking for the morning,
The day expected long,
When Jesus shall be victor,
Right triumph over wrong,
From pole to pole and shore to shore,
Christ shall be Kind and Conqueror. [Refrain]