The Clover Blossoms Sweet

The clover blossoms sweet,
Are blooming at our feet,
Each tiny cup is lifted up
With perfume sweet to greet.
The dandelions gay
Like little ones at play
Are here and there and everywhere
The live-long summer day.

They come from God above
Sweet gifts for you and me.

The daisies seem to be,
Fair stars for you and me,
So free and bright, so pure and white,
These dear day-stars we see.
The buttercups of gold
So many sunbeams hold
They fill the hours with golden show’rs,
Their wealth is never told. [Refrain]

O, summer blossoms dear,
We’re bending very near.
Your message sweet, to us repeat
Your words we’ll try to hear.
The blossoms seem to say,
All in their own sweet way,
From God above, whose name is Love,
We come to you today. [Refrain]