The Coming King Is At The Door

The coming King is at the door,
Who once the cross for sinners bore,
But now the righteous ones alone,
He comes to gather home.

At the door, at the door,
At the door, yes, even at the door;
He is coming, He is coming,
He is even at the door.

The signs that show His coming near
Are fast fulfilling year by year,
And soon we’ll hail the glorious dawn
Of heav’n’s eternal morn. [Refrain]

Look not on earth for strife to cease,
Look not below for joy and peace,
Until the Saviour comes again
To banish death and sin. [Refrain]

Then in the glorious earth made new
We’ll dwell the countless ages through;
This mortal shall immortal be,
And time, eternity. [Refrain]