The Conscience Of Childhood Is Speaking

The conscience of childhood is speaking in whispers,
Oh, come to the Savior and give him your life,
“Of such is the kingdom of heaven,” says Jesus,
So then seek him early, and enter the strife,

The bells of your conscience are ringing
The bells, the bells,
The bells of your conscience are ringing,
Saying sinner, Oh, come home.

The conscience of young men and maidens is calling,
In carnest appeals for the strength of your will,
The work of your master it needs all your efforts,
To bear all life’s burdens, and Christ’s law fulfill. [Refrain]

The conscience of manhood is loudly appealing,
And saying, oh come in the noontide of day,
The sands of your hourglass are slowly receding,
So start for the kingdom and do not delay. [Refrain]

The conscience of old age is heavily laden,
With sins which thro’ life have been heavy to bear,
But Jesus is able to roll off thy burden,
To cleanse you from evil and lift ev’ry care. [Refrain]