The Crimson Stream It Cleanesth All The

The crimson stream it cleanses all the time,
My heart does sweetly sing in joyful rhyme;
The precious blood my glowing theme of song,
As on my journey I proceed along.

O precious, precious blood of Jesus,
It cleanseth, cleaseth all along;
The crimson fountain now and ever,
Shall be my happy theme of song.

A weary pilgrim on life’s dusty way,
My raiment travel stain’d and soiled and gray;
Came to my heart these whisper’d words so sweet,
That now I onward press with joy complete. [Refrain]

The precious blood doth make my garments pure;
Assured of this I’ll to the end endure,
No fear of ill shall e’er my soul dismay;
The blood my raiment cleanses ev’ry day. [Refrain]