The Cross For Christ The Crown For Me

The cross for Christ, the crown for me,
O wondrous love! O mercy free,
My Saviour died on Calvary,
To purchase life for me.

For me, for me,
He died for even me;
He shed his blood on Calvary
To purchase life for me.

O wondrous grace! how could it be
That Christ should love a worm like me,
And suffer on the cruel tree
To purchase life for me! [Chorus]

O now I hear a voice reply,
“Our ‘God is love’ and that is why
He gave his Son for thee to die,
To purchase life for thee.” [Chorus]

O now I see the crimson tide,
The fount of life is opened wide;
My Saviour Christ was crucified,
And there is life for me. [Chorus]