The Cross Is On Our Brow

The cross is on our brow,
Redemption’s awful sign:
Come Thou, O Holy Spirit, now,
To seal the work divine.

Thy sevenfold gifts impart,
O Comforter most sweet:
Inflame with zeal each lukewarm heart,
And guide the trembling feet.

With Pentecostal force
Thy presence let us feel:
With strength, Who art Thyself its source,
Inspire us as we kneel.

Confirm in us to-day
The work that Thou hast wrought:
Illume the souls with love’s pure ray
Which Jesus’ blood hath bought.

No earth-forged arms we bear:
Strength, weapons, all are Thine:
Accept each vow and hear each prayer,
Blest Trinity divine.


The Hymnal: revised and enlarged as adopted by the General Convention of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America in the year of our Lord