The Cross That Stood On Calvary

The cross that stood on Calvary
Was God’s appointed plan;
To bridge the gulf that spread between
Himself and fallen man;
‘Tis there the spotless Lamb of God
Was offered for our sins;
‘Tis there, the sinner, crucified,
His newborn life begins.

O precious cross of Calvary,
Where Jesus conquered death for me,
I will glory in the cross, the mighty cross,
The cross of Calvary.

The cross that stood on Calvary,
By men of God foretold,
Who longed with eager hearts to see
Its mysteries unfold;
Unveiled to all the world today,
It stands, a beacon light;
While angels in their royal state,
Stand wondering at the sight. [Refrain]

I love the cross of Calvary,
Where Christ was crucified;
For by its pow’r the gates of light,
To all were opened wide;
It stands, an emblem to the world,
Of God’s abiding love;
It points the Lord’s redeemed of earth
To brighter scenes above. [Refrain]