The Cry To Arms To Arms Has Sounded

The cry, “To arms! to arms!” has sounded,
Oh, haste, prepare ye for the fray!
By Satan’s hosts we are surrounded,
Awake from sleep, make no delay!
King Alcohol, with fiendish power,
Against our homes hath raised his hand;
And every day he slays his thousands,
And works destruction in our land.

All ye who love your country’s glory,
All ye who love the Saviour’s name,
Now drive this foe-man out before ye,
Or yours shall be the sin and shame.

He teareth down God’s “Living Temple,”
And dulls and clouds the noble mind;
He does more ruin than doth famine,
And ware and pestilence combined.
The hopes of loving hearts he blighteth,
And homes he robs of all their joy;
The fires of evil passions lighteth,
All high ambition doth destroy. [Refrain]

So strong the foe! but God is stronger,
Then never cease to fight and pray;
Oh, Christian workers, doubt no longer!
The vict’ry must be yours some day.
Oh, never, never be discourages,
The cause of Truth must yet prevail;
Who fights for God need never falter,
Who fights for God can never fail! [Refrain]