The Darkness Fades Away

The darkness fades away, and the morn draws nigh,
When the shadows of the night will fall no more;
And an endless day will cheer each wistful eye,
And the weary watch of life is o’er.

I am watching for the morning
When the endless morn will break,
When the brightness of His glory we shall see,
When we’ll see the Lord returning,
All His ransomed home to take,
May He find among the faithful you and me.

My eyes may close in sleep ere the break of day,
But the Lord will wake me when He comes again;
When He comes to call me home to Him for aye,
In His glory evermore to reign. [Refrain]

The morn will soon be here with its joy and light,
And the glory of the day will shine afar;
Then our watching eyes will gladden at the sight
When we rise and hail the Morning Star. [Refrain]