The Dawn Of Victory

The dawn of victory
Breaks over Calv’ry’s hill,
Flooding the Cross with waves of gold,
While yet the world is still.
Dawn of a glorious morn,
Shines where the Savior died,
Changing darkness to the light of Heav’n,
Thro’ Jesus crucified.

Praise be to Him, our conquering Savior,
Tried and slain for the sins of man.
Bright glows the love He offers free,
Bright shines the hope of liberty.
Bright gleams the dawn of victory,
For Christ now lives again.

The dawn of victory
Leaps thro’ a night of gloom,
Piercing with living swords of flame,
The Savior’s hallowed tomb.
Dawn of a glad new day,
Shining with holy light,
Glorifies the place from which the Lord
Is risen in His might. [Refrain]

The dawn of victory
Breaks o’er the world today,
Cheering the hopeless, bright’ning all
With each warm heav’nly ray.
See how its rainbow beams
Promise sweet days of peace,
Gift of Him who rose to die no more,
Whose kingdom ne’er shall cease. [Refrain]