The Day Declines To Night

The day fades into night,
The shadows lengthening fall,
And see, the deepening purple light
Throws on the hills its pall:
Lord, be our Light when suns decline,
And in our souls unclouded shine.

Still is the eventide,
Calm is the soft repose,
When earthly toil is laid aside,
And eyelids drooping, close;
Lord, let Thy peace my soul possess,
In everlasting restfulness.

Night of my life draws near;
Lord, when the light departs,
Be all to me that Thou hast been
To other trusting hearts,
And in the calm that night bestows,
Let me in peace with Thee repose.

The night gives place to morn,
The gloom shall pass away,
And an eternal day be born,
Whose sun shall shine for aye;
Lord, wake me when the morn is come,
And let me find with Thee my home.