The Day Is Approaching When All Must App

The day is approaching when all must appear,
The judgment of God on their life-work to hear,
When each hidden thing shall be bro’t to the light,
Each deed, word and tho’t shall be weigh’d in His sight.

What account will you give?
What account will you give?
Will you answer your name with rejoicing or shame?
O what account will you give?

For talents entrusted by Him to your hand,
Account in that day, God will surely demand,
What wrong you’ve resisted, what good you have done,
What souls by your pleadings and pray’rs have been won. [Refrain]

For you there is work which none other can do,
Some life may be rescued by no one but you,
Alas! should one perish, forever unblest,
Whom you might have led to find Christ and His rest! [Refrain]

The days that remain of your life may be few,
How much is not done which He gave you to do!
If now He should call, what account would you give,
The Lord’s condemnation or “Well done” receive? [Refrain]