The Day Is Dead And Egypts Night Returni

The day is dead, and Egypt’s night returning,
Is dark and still in death’s prophetic gloom.
The world sleeps on, but Israel’s lamp is burning;
At midnight sounds the’ oppressor’s note of doom.

“I will pass over you, when I see the blood:”
I will pass over you, ’tis a saving flood.
“I will pass over you, when I see the blood,”
The precious blood of Jesus.

The Lamb is slain, the Sacrifice immortal,
Whose life received creates the soul anew;
His blood is shed, but is it on the portal?
O haste and see! doth it avail for you? [Refrain]

Not there? not there? no crimson on the lintel?
Delay! delay! O thou destroying One!
Give grace? give grace! it must be more than mental:
My heart! my heart! let there thy work be done. [Refrain]

Art safe, my soul! rest not in thy salvation,
Else thou art not like Him who came to die;
In love go forth with mercy’s invitation,
Awake the world! death’s angel passes by. [Refrain]