The Day Of Christ Is Dawning Near

The day of Christ is drawing near,
We have not watched in vain,
For soon our sovereign shall descend
In majesty to reign.
A thousand years of righteousness
Shall bless the sons of men;
The sound of strife and tumult cease,
When Jesus comes again.

Rejoice, rejoice, ye soldiers true;
His coming draweth near,
His coming draweth near;
God haste the long expected day,
When Jesus shall appear,
When Jesus shall appear,
When Jesus shall appear.

The nations shall lay down their arms,
Together dwell in peace,
And those who mourn shall comfort find,
And all oppressed release.
The Word of God has been fulfilled,
We wait the glorious reign
Of Heaven here upon the earth,
When Jesus comes again. [Refrain]

Turn ye and seek His cleansing grace,
Your Savior He would be;
His blood was shed for all mankind,
He offers pardon free;
Lo, from the sky He shall descend
As when He went away;
Let all a ceaseless vigil keep,
Until that blessed day. [Refrain]