The Day Of Christ The Day Of God

The day of Christ, the day of God
We humbly hope with joy to see,
Washed in the sanctifying blood
Of an expiring Deity.

Who did for us His life resign,
There is no other God but One,
For all the plenitude divine
Resides in the incarnate Son.

Spotless, sincere, without offense
O may we to His day remain,
Who trust the blood of God to cleanse
Our souls from every sinful stain.

Lord, we believe the promise sure:
The purchased Comforter impart,
Apply Thy blood to make us pure,
To keep us pure in life and heart.

Then let us see that day supreme,
When none the Godhead shall deny,
Thy sovereign majesty blaspheme,
Or count Thee less than the Most High.

When all who Thee their God believe,
Who here Thy last appearing love
Shall Thy consummate joy receive,
And see Thy glorious face above.