The Day Of Glory Bearing

The day of glory bearing,
Its brightness far and near,
The day of Christ’s appearing
We now no longer fear;
The day when we shall meet Him
Triumphant in the sky,
Believing hearts shall greet Him
With songs of victory.

He, once a spotless victim,
For us on Calvary bled;
Jehovah did afflict Him,
And bruise Him in our stead.
To Him by grace united,
We joy in Him alone;
And now by faith, delighted,
Behold Him on the throne.

There He is interceding,
For all who on Him rest;
And grace, from Him proceeding,
Tells how in Him we’re blest.
Soon will He come in glory,
When all His saints He’ll raise,
To chant their joyful story,
In songs of loudest praise.