The Deadly Cup While Others Drink

The deadly cup while others drink,
We’ll never, never taste it;
It lures us on to ruin’s brink,
And thousands have confessed it;
Come, boys and girls, the pledge we’ll sign,
Be temp’rance sons and daughters;
We’ll banish brandy, rum and wine,
And drink the crystal waters.

We’ll never take God’s name in vain,
And never will profane it;
The virtuous heart shall ne’er complain
Our oaths alarm and pain it;
No words profane our lips shall move,
No words obscene defile them;
And swearers we’ll entreat with love,
And pray for, not revile them.

We’ll never use the filthy weed
We taste at first with loathing,
Which pales the cheek all blooming red,
And scents the breath and clothing;
If we beneath its pow’r should fall,
‘Twill prove a cruel master,
Around us throw its iron thrall,
And bind the captive faster.

Then come, a war we’ll nobly wage
With all that would degrade us;
The foe may meet us in his rage,
But God will surely aid us;
No tyrant habit e’er shall sit
Enthron’d and crown’d with in
True life these things but ill befit,
‘Tis love divine shall win us.