The Dear Loving Savior Was Taken By Men

The dear, loving Savior was taken by men
And nailed to the cross and was cruelly slain,
Was buried, but came froth triumphant again;
And now this Redeemer is mine.

This loving Redeemer is mine,
A friend and a Savior divine;
He dwells in me sweetly and saves me completely,
This loving Redeemer is mine.

He came to my heart and the light entered in;
His wonderful grace made an end of my sin;
He spoke the one word and the blood made me clean;
This friend of the sinner is mine. [Refrain]

His friendship is tender and precious and sweet,
And rich the communion enjoyed at his feet,
And O, his salvation is full and complete,
And all his salvation is mine! [Refrain]