The Debt I Owed I Could Not Pay

The debt I owed I could not pay,
For I was helpless from the fall;
Yet still I heard the Spirit say
That Jesus paid it all.

He paid my debt upon the cross,
He died to set me free;
When nothing else could pay the loss,
He gave Himself for me.

The way was dark, I could not see,
My hope was gone, my faith was small,
Until the Word revealed to me
That Jesus paid it all. [Chorus]

By faith I saw Him bleed and die!
That dreadful day I now recall,
When nothing else could satisfy,
Then Jesus paid it all. [Chorus]

He saved my soul that once was lost,
He rescued me, a worthless thrall
I wonder, when I count the cost,
Why Jesus paid it all. [Chorus]

I found a place within His care,
The gates of death cannot appall;
His grace will keep me ever there,
For Jesus paid it all. [Chorus]