The Dim Soft Light Of Early Morn

The dim, soft light of early morn,
From out a rosy hue is born;
It tints the valley and the hills,
All nature with a gladness fills.

Dear Lord we come to ask of Thee,
To know Thy ways aright;
O let us wiling workers be,
To lead the blind to sight.

O let the life of little child,
Take lesson from the morning mild,
And give a ray of morning light
To those enwrapt in sorrow’s night. [Refrain]

The light of morn, so dim and soft,
At noon shines bright in sky aloft,
And sheds abroad its radiant beams
That all with life and brightness seems. [Refrain]

So when the child to man has grown,
And joys of youth are past and gone,
May manhood’s hours with good be rife,
And point to fall’n, eternal life. [Refrain]