The Door Of Gods Mercy Is Open

The door of God’s mercy is open,
To all who are weary of sin.
And Jesus is patiently waiting,
Still waiting, to welcome you in.

“Come,” says the Savior, “come enter the gate;
I watch by the portals both early and late,
Lest some precious soul, not far from the goal,
Should wander away into darkness and hate,
And miss it forever, the pearly gate.”

The world is e’er wantonly wooing
Your soul from the ways of the blest;
But Jesus is tenderly bidding
You turn to His heavenly rest. [Refrain]

So many who hear the glad message
Will never its mandates obey,
But turn from the precious, dear pleadings,
And willfully wander away. [Refrain]

Sad hearts there will surely be mourning
Outside of the gateway of life,
And praying to Him they rejected
When earth with gay pleasures was rife. [Refrain]

The door of God’s mercy is open,
Invitingly open to all
Who list to the voice of the Master,
And hearing shall heed His sweet call. [Refrain]