The Dreadful Day Is Come

The dreadful day is come
To fix a nation’s doom!
Who, when God doth this, shall live,
Stand before a righteous God?
‘Gainst the world and Satan strive,
Strive resisting unto blood!

Well may our nature fear
The fiery trial near:
Who shall first his Lord betray?
Who his Master shall deny?
Which of us shall fall away?
Is it, Savior, is it I?

I shall, I surely shall,
Without Thy succor, fall:
Lest, one moment left alone,
I shall make my ruin sure,
Shamefully my God disown,
Thee, and all Thy saints abjure.

But Lord, I trust in Thee,
Thou wilt not go from me;
Thee Thy pity shall constrain
Still with me, ev’n me, t’abide;
Me, the weakest child of man,
Me for whom Thy pity died.

O that I always may
On Thee my spirit stay!
Poor and needy as I am,
Thou dost for my vileness care;
Thou hast called me by my name;
Thou wilt all my burdens bear.

Thou art the sinner’s Friend,
I on Thy love depend;
Help for all is laid on Thee;
Faith and hope in Thee I have:
As my day, my strength shall be,
Thou shalt to the utmost save.

Arm me with Thy great power,
And come the fiery hour!
Then I in Thy strength shall say,
(Feeblest of Thy servants I)
I, though all men fall away,
I will never Thee deny.

Ready, through grace, I am
To suffer for Thy name;
When Thou dost Thyself bestow
On so poor a worm as me,
I shall then to prison go,
Gladly go to death with Thee.