The Duty First On Us Enjoined

The duty first on us enjoin’d,
That is to love the Lord:
With all our hearts, and all our mind,
And all we can afford.

The next command is full as great,
To love our neighbours too–
Of like importance, and of weight,
As all the scriptures shew.

If we love God with all our heart;
Then sure it must succeed;
We ne’er neglect to act our part,
To those who are in need.

All acts of mercy God respects!
Far more than sacrifice;
For such are they which he directs:
And ever highly prize.

That soul can never be impress’d,
With love and grace divine;
Who will not feel for the distress’d,
To bear them on their mind.

Where words and actions don’t agree,
Profession is in vain.
For love to God there cannot be,
Where there is none to men.

All such religion is but mock,
A tree without a root:
Where it consists of only talk,
And not of genuine fruit.