The Eagle Fond Her Charge Awakes

The eagle fond her charge awakes
Where in the nest they doze;
And while her flutt’ring plumes she shakes
The way to fly she shows;
She spreads her wings, her young to bear,
Before their own thy try;
And takes them up, and cleaves the air;
And soars above the sky.

‘Twas thus in nature’s sleep I lay,
When Christ the Spirit shed,
His Spirit stirr’d me up to pray,
And hover’d o’er my head,
Infusing the first gracious hope
He spread his wings abroad,
And train’d his infant pupil up
To seek the face of God.

The object of his kindest care
He never yet forsook,
But did himself my weakness bear,
And all my burthen took;
He bore me up, from earth he bore
On wings of heav’nly love,
And taught my unfledg’d soul to soar
To those bright realms above.

The Spirit of redeeming grace
Hath been my sure defence,
And through the pathless wilderness
Led on my innocence:
When simple as a little child
All idols I abhorr’d,
And saw as my Redeemer smil’d,
My Paradise restor’d.