The Early Morn With Jesus

The early morn with Jesus-
His happy, welcome guest!
The first glad thoughts for Jesus,
The brightest and the best!
Alone, alone with Jesus-
No other may intrude;
The secret of Jehovah
Is told in solitude.

This is the time for worship,
This is the time for prayer;
The sweetest time for laying
The heart’s petitions bare;
The time for holy wrestling,
The time to intercede,
The time to win from Jesus
The help and strength we need.

This is the time to listen
Tow hat the Lord will say;
This is the time to gather
The manna for the day:
New enemies to conquer,
New victories to win;
Come, gain a march on Satan-
Come, again a march on sin!

Oh, ye who sigh and languish,
And mourn your “lack of power,”
Heed ye this gentle whisper-
“Could ye not watch one hour?”
For fruitfulness and blessing
There is no “royal road”;
The power for holy service
Is intercourse with God!

Or e’er a word or action
Hath stained its snowy scroll,
Bring the new day to Jesus,
And consecrate the whole;
Then fear not for the record
He surely will indite;
Whatever may betide thee,
It shall be, must be right!

Soon the last golden sunrise
Shall deck the Eastern sky;
Soon the last “Watch” be ended,-
“Redemption draweth night!”
Then may this bright incentive
Within our spirits burn;
“It may be that this morning
The Bridegroom may return!”