The Earth Is The Lords And The Full Cros

The earth is the Lord’s and the fulness,
The sky is the work of his hand;
The stars that revolve in their splendor,
Shine out at his will and command.
He speaks, and the tempest is silent,
The ocean his mandate obey.
While nature, her minstrels awaking.
Breaks forth in a song to his praise.

Praise him, praise him, holy is he,
Blessed Creator of earth and sea;
Great and victorious, mighty and glorious,
Jesus shall reign forever.

He sendeth the springs in the valleys
From hills that are blooming with flowers,
He covers the mountains with verdure,
And giveth the dew and the showers.
The light of the beautiful sunshine,
His goodness and wisdom displays
Oh, well may his people, rejoicing,
Break forth in a song to his praise. [Refrain]

He came from the throne of his glory,
The lost ones to seek and to save;
Oh, wonderful, wonderful story!
His life as our ransom he gave.
For love that surpasseth our knowledge
Our voices transported we raise
Let all in his boundless creation
Break forth in a song to his praise. [Refrain]