The Easter Sunshine Breaks Again

The Easter sunshine breaks again
On all the sinful earth,
More glorious than the starlit morn,
We’ve sang at Jesus’ Birth!
We’ve watch’d beside our Saviour’s Cross,
We’ve sorrowed at His Grave;
But now He’s broken Death’s dark bands,
Our Jesus, strong to save!

Fair blossoms on the Easter morn
Fling forth their fragrance sweet,
And tell of Resurrection-joy,
And Jesus’ work complete!
But fairer still the offering
Each loving heart should bring,
Of faith and love and penitence,
To Christ, its risen King.

So on this glorious Easter-day
Our gladsome songs we raise,
And echo e’en to Heaven’s own gates
Our happy notes of praise!
For He who died is risen again,
“The Life, the Truth, the Way!”
Sing on, ye happy Christian hearts,
The Lord is risen to-day.