The Eternal Sovereign From On High

The eternal Sovereign from on high
Cast on the sons of men his eye,
To see, if any understood,
And feared, and loved their Maker, God.

But all were so degenerate grown,
None the true God had fully known;
Both Jew and Gentile long had been
By lust enslaved, and dead in sin.

Both gone from wisdom’s path astray,
Pursued the errors of their way,
With dismal superstition blind;
And causeless terrors fill’ed their mind.

Who, gracious God! to sinners’ eyes
could bid the wished salvation rise?
Thy Son did light and truth display,
And turn their darkness into day.

No flesh shall boast of righteousness,
But guilty shall themselves confess;
And, when they heart thy pardoning voice,
In thy salvation shall rejoice.

A Selection of Hymns, from Various Authors, Supplementary for the use of Christians. st Ed.,