The Evening Is Glorious O Hear The Glad

The evening is glorious, oh, hear the glad song
Of saints all victorious o’er sin and the wrong!
They’ve risen in triumph to reign in this life,
Above sect confusion, all darkness and strife.

The evening is glorious, hallelujah to God!
We’re sanctified wholly through faith in the blood;
The true light now shineth, the darkness is past;
Our sorrow and sighing is ended at last.

Though we have been scattered by sects and by creeds,
Now home to Mount Zion our good Shepherd leads;
The light was not clear in the dark, cloudy day,
But pure evening light now reveals the true way. [Refrain]

The songs of the captives who have returned home-
O’er Babel’s dark mountains no longer to roam-
Are telling of freedom in Zion’s fair height;
Oh, glory to Jesus, the evening is light! [Refrain]

The glory of heaven now streams from above
On God’s holy remnant made perfect in love;
They’re free in the Spirit, by Him they are led,
And give their allegiance to Jesus, their Head. [Refrain]

The evening is glorious, break forth into song,
Let melody carry the message along
Of perfect salvation in Jesus alone,
Who is our salvation and chief Corner Stone. [Refrain]