The Fairest Flag Beneath The Sun

The fairest flag beneath the sun,
The glad that glorious freedom won,
That tells of deeds of valor done,
With pride we view;
Its shining folds of red and white
Stream out like beams of morning light;
Each star stands firm for truth and right-
It’s my flag, too.

It’s my flag, too, the Red, White and Blue!
The flag that leads to victory is my flag, too!
It’s my flag, too, the Red, White and Blue!
The starry flag of Liberty is my flag, too!

Uplift the flag triumphantly
That made us one from sea to sea!
Unstained forever may it be,
Our emblem true.
From north to south, from east to west
It waves above a country blest,
Whose people well have stood the test-
It’s my flag, too. [Refrain]

O flag that tyrants have defied,
For which brave men have bled and died!
Unsullied wave, our hope, our pride,
Forever new;
And while to heav’n its folds we fling,
Anew, allegiance we will bring
And ev’ry voice united sing-
It’s my flag, too. [Refrain]