The Faith That God Believeth

The faith that God believeth
And purifies the heart,
The faith that Christ receiveth
And doth from sin depart,
That faith is strong and will
Withstand the world’s temptation
And in sore tribulation
The heart with courage fill.

The faith that compromises
And takes the easy way,
The faith that never rises
To fight and work and pray,
That faith is dead and vile,
Its holy name disgracing,
And has no power when facing
The tempter’s craft and guile.

The faith that keeps on striving
May often seem but weak,
When foes their darts are driving
Her injury to wreak;
But keep ye near the cross
Of Jesus Christ, your Master,
And Satan, in disaster,
Shall suffer shame and lose.

What comfort is more pleasing
In our embattled life
Than find our strength increasing
In trying days of strife?
Though furious be the fight
God gives us perseverance,
We gain through faith experience
And thus increase our might.

O Jesus, my Defender,
My Savior in distress,
My life to Thee I tender,
Do Thou my all possess.
Let come whatever may,
I nevermore will waver
But only ask this favor:
To serve Thee, God, for aye.