The Faithful Servants Of The Lord

The faithful servants of the Lord,
Who teach the plain and simple word
Are always tempted, always tried,
Distress’d and vext on ev’ry side.

Such was the first Apostl’s fate,
As sacred writings do relate;
And all their faithful partners meet,
The like reward and equal treat.

Oftimes they are falsely accus’d,
And therefore slander’d and abus’d;
When they endeavour to discharge,
Their office to the world at large.

The Gospel is the purest light,
It brings the sacred truth to sight;
But where the truth, its beauty shows,
There Satan’s Kingdom will oppose.

The Servants of the Saviour are
Expos’d to danger, dread and fear;
Continual conflicts, war and strife
Attends the course of all their life.

Expos’d to wants of ev’ry kind,
Distress’d in body and in mind–
Esteem’d as men of meanest worth,
As the off-scourings of the earth.

Oftimes as Pilgrim’s, here they roam,
No certain stay, or Place of home;
The chief reward they hope to have,
Is that which is beyond the grave.