The Home Where Jesus Christ Is Crowned

The home where Jesus Christ is crowned
As the King of kings divine,
Is one wherein a light is found,
That in after years shall shine,
Shall follow us the world around
A pure and fadeless sign.

To know Him in childhood, to know Him in youth
Is to store the mind with wisdom,
And with purity and truth;
Abroad we may travel, afar we may roam
But no years can dim the mem’ry,
Of a blessed Christian home.

The home wherein the Saviour dwells
As an ever welcome guest,
The place in which His gospel tells
What is wisest, what is best,
Is one that to its members spells,
A future bright and blest. [Chorus]

Thank God for homes like these, that bless
With their memories new birth,
The after years of toil and stress
That shall prove to men our worth,
These temples of His holiness-
His kingdom sent to earth. [Chorus]